In this tutorial we are going to learn about, How to install JDK on windows operting system ? This tutorial is designed for beginners with little Java experience.

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a software development environment used for developing Java applications and applets. The JDK contains their own JVM and a few other resources to finish the development of a Java Application.

Install JDK on windows

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is one of three core technology packages used in Java programming, along with the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). JDK is a package of tools for developing java based software where as JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is needed for running Java programs.

There are few steps to install JDK on windows :

Step 1 : Download JDK

Accept the oracle licence Agreement and download the latest version of JDK.

Download JDK

Step 2 : Run the installer

Now Go to your download folder and run the jdk installer file to install the jdk on your computer.

Step 3 : Install JDK

Now an installation wizard will open , just click ok then Next->Again Next.

JDK installation wizard

Step 4 : Set Java Environment Variable or Set Path of the JDK

Now set the java environment variables to run java programs .

Go to My Computer->right click->Select Properties->Select Advanced System Settings->Advanced Tab->Select Environment Variables->New-> Now Set Variable Name as Path and Variable Value is the location of the bin folder of java ->OK .

Now JDK has been successfully installed .

Set Java Environment Varaible

Step 5 : Check Java Version

Now we check the version of the current jdk in your computer ->open command prompt and enter java -version command to check the current version of java

Java version

Happy Coding….

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